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For many people, divorce can be a hard and painful experience. Sadly, it can cause extremely destructive and deep-rooted problems beyond the expense. If kids are involved, mixed with injured emotions, a divorce has unfavorable repercussions. Oleniczak Law, LLC understands how difficult the divorce process can be and is ready to carefully and efficiently take care of every element of your divorce. Our divorce attorneys will dedicate themselves to find the best result for you and your family. Because we are thoroughly acquainted with WI divorce law, you can relax knowing that a dedicated divorce attorney are helping with your divorce.

Oleniczak Law, is devoted to family law, such as divorce, custody, post-divorce, child support, etc. Because we’ve observed and worked on a variety of divorce cases, our knowledge allows us to tackle any case of any difficulty level.

Oleniczak Law, LLC have broad experience, and we’ve noticed that the most frequent reasons for divorce are hostile differences, being estranged for more than a year or a mental disorder that existed two years preceding the divorce. There are many qualifiers for divorce in Wisconsin. If you’re searching for superb divorce mediation services, Oleniczak Law, LLC can assist you with your divorce, despite the reason.

Property, Alimony and Child Custody

Divorce has a lot of aspects, the most common being distribution of property, alimony and children. If there is controversy on splitting property, authorities will try to divide it fairly. Alimony relies on income, the need for support and other components. Unfortunately, a typical element of divorce is determining child possession. Dual custody is a typical outcome, but situations such as abuse and emotional connections affect the outcome.

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