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Estate Planning Trust near Eagle, WI

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The legal specialist at Oleniczak Law, LLC take care of estate planning for those in Eagle, WI. In order to help our clients in Eagle achieve greater financial safety, we provide perceptive guidance and practical financial strategies. When you sit down with us, we’ll talk about estate planning advice and other important aspects like naming beneficiaries. If you want to assure a comfortable future for your dependents, it’s important to take care of your assets now. The wealth management and estate planning staff at Oleniczak Law, LLC are available to provide financial guidance to sensibly handle your resources and stretch it for years to come. We provide cost-free consultations for people searching for estate planning near Eagle, WI.


Trusts and Wills


Trusts and wills are both excellent for making that your wealth is distributed specific to your request in the case of your death. There are a couple variations between the two, and they each offer their own benefits.




A will assures that there is a simple and quick procedure for maintaining your estate following your death. If you don’t create a will, critical choices involving your estate will be made by a person other than you. Along with handling your assets, a will chooses a guardian for any children you leave behind.


How Trusts Work


A Revocable Living Trust allows your family bypass probate after your death and is especially advantageous if you’ve got different properties in multiple states. Revocable Living Trusts ensure that your estate is managed correctly if you become incapacitated.


Cost-Free Consultations for Estate Planning


We’re happy to offer cost-free estate planning consultations during both your first call in addition to the first half hour of your preliminary in person meeting. We pride ourselves on our habit of serving customers promptly and effectively. We believe that a client attorney relationship is a meaningful bond and that a client should always be treated as an individual. Contact us today to get your estate planning consultation near Eagle, WI.

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