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Family Law Representation in Lake Geneva, WI

When there are major changes and the decision is made to move forward with a family law case, it can be a difficult time for everyone. The lawyers at Oleniczak Law LLC can represent you, whether your family dynamic is transitioning due to marital turmoil, child custody or adoption matters. We have vast experience taking on family law cases and achieving successful resolutions for our clients. If you reside in the Lake Geneva, WI area, and need the assistance of a family lawyer, reach out to us immediately.


Divorce Law


Spouses who decide to get a divorce should understand all that it entails and how it is defined. Divorce is the legal separation of a legitimate marriage, making each spouse single. The difference with an annulment is that it would mean the marriage was illegitimate from the start. A divorce is recorded as such in public records and an annulment would show that the marriage is void and is no longer recognized as having ever existed. A family law lawyer is well-versed in these types of proceedings and would be able to guide you in the right direction.


Sometimes it needs to be determined whether a divorce is at-fault or no-fault by deciding if there was just cause. Although it is less common now, it is still something that courts will take into account on a state by state basis. The different reasons for divorce could range widely, from adultery and abandonment to addiction and other types of abuse. To determine if a divorce is at-fault requires a spouse to prove the circumstances, otherwise it would fall under “irreconcilable differences.” Part of this process includes figuring out child custody and parenting time schedules, which are included in the decree of divorce.


An annulment could be caused by any number of varying reasons as regulated by family law statutes. The factors that deem this action an annulment depend on the state law. Bigamy, forced consent or fraud are considered good enough reasons to claim that a separation is an annulment. Other reasons could include underage marriage, physical or mental incapacity. Doing this would completely remove any record of a marriage having taken place and a family law lawyer could help you gather the evidence to support your case.


Assets & Liabilities


One of the most arduous details of a family law proceeding is the division of assets and liabilities. Assets are considered any cash or property, like houses or cars that were acquired during the marriage. On the other hand, liabilities would include any credit cards, loans or other debts owed. Other types of assets or liabilities are airline miles, bank or retirement accounts. Our lawyers specialize in family law and know what you would need to provide in order to split your property and debts fairly.


Family law states that if a prenuptial agreement exists prior to entering into the marriage, it can be used to determine how these assets are separated. These documents are also known as “prenups” and they help to designate properties or financial responsibilities. A prenup is an agreement that clarifies what to do with child custody, estates and other economic obligations. One of these being the alimony payments that one spouse receives from another. It is supposed to simplify the process in the event of a divorce but sometimes its validity is disputed in court.


Child Custody and Adoption Law


Arguably the most important aspect of a family law case is the child custody portion. Child custody is heavily influenced by what is in the best interest of the child. The court evaluates various factors to determine the arrangement and it can make family law matters very tricky. This is when representation by a competent family law lawyers makes a big difference. We are knowledgeable about the mediation practices and paperwork that go into making this process as easy as possible.


Some of the primary considerations that a court looks at when deciding child custody are the following:


  • Financial ability to provide
  • Condition of schools
  • Lifestyle and social influences
  • Emotional ties to the parent
  • Child’s choice, if over 12 years old
  • Environmental security
  • Age and gender
  • Physical and mental health

Our family law lawyers are experienced in child custody cases and the regulation of child support. We also handle adoption matters when you’re ready to bring a new addition to your family. Child custody and adoption matters are sensitive topics and are best handled by lawyers specializing in family law.


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If you have a family law case on your hands, hire our professional team of lawyers to represent you. Your child custody or adoption matters should be handled appropriately and with care to ensure a favorable outcome. The family lawyers at Oleniczak Law LLC are located near the Lake Geneva, WI area, to conveniently serve the local community. Call us at (262) 642-4368 to schedule a free consultation.

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