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Wisconsin Real Estate Law

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Wisconsin property laws are complex, and with the ever-changing nature of law, it is imperative that you know your legal rights. Whether it’s land development, real estate acquisitions, zoning issues or property dissolution having an advocate on your side to explain the details and ensure you have an accurate understanding of the issues you are looking at is invaluable. The attorneys with Oleniczak Law are your legal advocates in real estate law for Elk Horn, WI.


Before you enter into any real estate contract, make sure that you know all your legal rights. Don’t allow the law to intimidate you, hire an attorney who specializes in real estate and property law. When you hire Oleniczak Law LLC, you tap into the depth of knowledge in the real estate law realm amassed over years of practice.


Oleniczak Law is on Your Side


A qualified real estate attorney understands all the underlaying details of the legal system and is looking towards the big picture for you. With Oleniczak Law, you have a trusted attorney who is your partner in the process. So, if you are looking at selling a large parcel of land or purchasing an investment property, you know your interests are being taken care of.


The basics of real estate law involves the purchasing, selling and owning of property and the land it’s on. In the event of a dispute, you need a specialized attorney with a thorough understanding of the law. A real estate attorney will work with anyone involved the issue to ensure a fair, legal outcome for all parties. You would not need to hire an attorney when you purchase a home. However, there are situations in which an attorney is necessary. Those could be when a property is out of town or is part of a larger estate, if there is significant damage or is in a dangerous area such as; flood plains or hurricane belts. It is good to have an attorney who can explain the pitfalls of real estate law and help you to avoid them.


Common cases for real estate attorneys:

  • Land use law
  • Construction defects
  • Foreclosures
  • Landlord-Tenant Laws
  • Neighbor disputes: Property boundaries and fixtures
  • Injury and fault
  • Trespassing and damages

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