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Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Our property and real estate laws are complex and ever-changing, so hiring an attorney to assist in navigating those laws is the best route to a favorable outcome. You need an advocate on your side, not only to explain the intricacies of real estate and property law, but to ensure a legal resolution to whatever you’re facing. Whether it is acquisition, or dissolution, development or zoning issues, conflicts with residential or business arrangements, the attorneys at Oleniczak Law LLC will be your advocate.


Entering into any real estate contract or property arrangement can be intimidating and overwhelming. There is no need to start this process alone. Allow the legal experts near Mukwonago take care of you. Before you purchase or sell land of your own, seek the legal expertise necessary to ensure all parties are served accurately and all outcomes are executed legally. Oleniczak Law has amassed a depth of experience in handling many aspects of the law, we will take the time to research your situation, explain your options, and aid in achieving your best legal resolution. Don’t waste time or effort getting lost in legal jargon or be intimidated into making uninformed choices.


Oleniczak Law Is on Your Side

At Its core, real estate law involves the purchasing, selling and owning of property and the land it’s on. Real estate attorneys work with homeowners, developers, buyers, sellers, renters, and landlord in the Mukwonago, WI area. It is not necessary to hire an attorney when you purchase land or a home, however there are situations in which an attorney is necessary. Those would include when the property is out of town, or part of a larger estate, has significant damage or is in a dangerous area, like flood zones or hurricane belts.


Common cases for real estate attorneys:

  • Foreclosures
  • Construction defects
  • Land use laws
  • Landlord-Tenant laws
  • Neighbor disputes (property boundaries, trees, etc.)

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