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A real estate attorney is involved in the buying and selling of property because they oversee the legal rights of a client and protect their interests. If you need assistance regarding real estate law for the Fontana, WI, area, turn to Oleniczak Law, LLC. We provide a variety of legal services that include expert real estate representation. No matter if you are purchasing a new home or have legal questions about liens, our real estate attorney is available to answer your questions. We are eager to provide you with the real estate law help you require.

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

When you find yourself asking questions about property ownership or need clarification about a lease agreement, then you need a real estate attorney. Real estate law governs purchasing, selling, and using land. Oleniczak Law, LLC handles every aspect of real estate law, making us the top choice for the Fontana, WI, area. Our experience and expertise allow us to work with landlords, renters, homebuyers and sellers, as well as property and housing developers too. Assistance from our real estate attorney means you have access to a wealth of knowledge, including zoning laws, contracts, settling disputes, answering general questions and processes explanations, as well as preparing and reviewing documents relating to real estates like purchase agreements, mortgage documents, titles, transfers, liens, foreclosures, and short-sales.

If you are considering investing in real estate, now is the time to contact our office near Fontana. We will draw up all the necessary paperwork required for legal purchase. It is crucial to speak with the offices of Oleniczak Law, LLC if the property is out of town, so our professional legal counsel can ensure your rights are protected.

Real estate attorneys assist with these common situations, including:

  • Mortgages and equity loans
  • Landlord-Tenant law
  • Neighbor disputes (property boundaries, trees, etc.)
  • Legal help and resources
  • Buying, owning or selling a home
  • Foreclosure
  • Construction defects
  • Land use laws

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Oleniczak Law, LLC is ready to take on your case. We know how complex and challenging the legal process can be, so we work closely with our clients to ensure they have a full understanding of the law, and we work tirelessly to deliver a favorable outcome. We have an in-depth understanding of Wisconsin state law and have been serving the Fontana area for over 15 years. Call us today at (262) 642-4368 for a free consultation.

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